Eating Kalama: Burger Bar

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I had noticed this place while driving up to Seattle. Specifically what I noticed was the sign on the building reading, \”Blackberry Shakes\”. Wow. Really. I gotta try those.

So while driving back to Portland I stopped and had the most \”Who\’s on First\” ordering experience ever.

\”What would you like?\”, the counter girl asked.
\”The number two\”, was my reply.

Now, this is where things started to deteriorate.

\”And to drink?\”
\”A coke. And I would also like a small blackberry shake.\”
She blankly stared at me and asked \”So you want me to substitute the shake for the coke?\”
\”No. I would like the coke and the shake\”
\”I want them both\”
\”So you want 2?\”
\”So you want 2 cokes?\”
\”No, I want 1 of each\”
\”OK. I\’ve got it. You want two number 1s.\”
\”No. I want a number 2 with a coke AND I want a blackberry shake.\”

The golded bulb of enlightenment finally went off and I received my order as requested.

The burger itself was very similar to In-N-Out. I guess that\’s a popular style up here. And the shake was ok. It did indeed have big chunks of fruit. But there was not much berry flavor.


49 Ivy St Kalama, WA

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