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Over the weekend, Michelle and I hit many many bars (please don\’t tell my sponsor). Here\’s are some of the highlights.

  • Pub near Meesh\’s apartment whose name I forget — this is a classic neighborhood pub. Like all Seattle bars, lots of area microbrews on there many taps. The highlight was chatting with a very drunk dark haired Courtney Love starter kit. While trying to get her friend hooked up with Meesh she kept telling us how she\’s the only authority on relationships since she\’s the only one of us that was married. This was a clear reminder of the trueness of The Hammer\’s statement, \”There\’s nothing better or worse than a drunk chick.\”
  • Old Towne Alehouse – a cool little bar with a nice menu (too full from Duke\’s to even think of trying anything). Lot\’s of micros on lots of taps. Pretty much every bar has at least a dozen taps with a dozen brews I\’ve never heard of.
  • King\’s Hardware – we stopped here for one reason and one reason only — Ski-ball. If I ever own a bar, I\’m steeling this idea. They had Lagunitas IPA on tap. Hey, I\’ve heard of that. So I drank it.
  • Walla Walla Wine Tating – while walking around the public market one of the specialty food shops had a wine tasting. Their sangiovese was so good I bought a bottle. And if you show up early to my upcoming wine and cheese party, you\’ll get a sip.
  • Pike\’s Brew Pub – basically a Happy McFunster\’s style restaurant inside the Market. I had their IPA. It, like all of the beers in this part of the country, was very good.
  • Pony – the greatest gay bar I\’ve ever been in (OK, unless you count The Grapevine or The Cockpit, the only gay bar I\’ve been in). The building this bar is in is about to be torn down. And in the interim, the bar owner has decided to have the most offensive bar possible. And he may have succeeded. The walls of this place are covered in old 50s and 60s style naked men — lots of guys in cowboy hats and the like. They too had a nice array of old school video games such as Ms. Pacman (renamed Ms. Fagman) and Frogger (renamed Flogger). There was also air hockey which Michelle resoundingly beat me several times.


  1. Man oh man. I piss that Pony bar already. Not only was the air hockey good, but it was FREE!!Hells to the yeah!!I\’d also like to mention that every nook, cranny and wall in that joint was painted black. With various black lights. Ewww. But then again, awesome!Oh, and the pub by my apartment – literally a 2-minute walk away and next to the yummy donuts place – is the Summit Pub:http://summitpublichouse.com/

  2. I just want to point out that meesh said \”piss\” instead of \”miss\”. teehee.Second, I like that you focus on the amentities…ski-ball and air hockey. Key components to a good time.

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