Eating Seattle: Vi Bacchus Sake Bar & Bistro

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How good does that picture look, JT? Well it tasted even better.
Michelle randomly picked this place near her apartment but far enough away that it provided a nice walk through the area.
You know you\’re in for a a sushi extravaganza when there are numerous signs around the restaurant all in Japanese. And this place did not disappoint.

We started of with fresh salmon and white tuna sashimi. But as you can see, they had just run out of the white tuna. No worries. The salmon was buttery and flavorful. While the tuna was succulent and and crap I\’m running out of synonyms from yummilicious. My only complaint was that these pieces were rather large. And the oddly cut salmon seen in the middle had a strange, honeydew melon-like texture.

The next round of goodies consisted of eel nigiri and one of their signature rolls — the King Capital Hill Roll. This consisted of baked salmon, their special original creamy sauce, garlic, green onion atop a California Roll. It was very rich and tasty. But again the pieces were on the large side. Even I, with my gaping sushi-hole, could barely get them in my mouth.

Oh, alright, here\’s another picture.

If I were to live in Seattle, I would not rest until I had tried each and every one of their specialty rolls.

Oh, and a plea to the owners. Please do not server your unfiltered sake in a champagne flute. While this may look elegant, in theory, it is, in fact, not something most people want to look at while dining.


1401 Broadway Ave Seattle, WA 98122


  1. Now, THAT is a sweet restaurant review. Even more reason to head to seattle to visit Meesh! I wish sushi here required more synonyms for yummilicious…

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