Walkabout Day 14: Summary

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Two weeks down, one to go — Miss Kilgallen.

The desire to come home is starting to grow strong. But a fun weekend in Hood River should cure that.

Today\’s adventure took me to Mt. Saint Helens, where I had the reaction I thought I would have at the Grand Canyon. \”OK. There it is. Let\’s go home.\” And this was exacerbated by the 2 hours of mostly mountain driving it took to get there — and, of course, get back.

Quick Hits:

  • A wolf passed in front of my car going the MSH carrying some entrails in its mouth. Sadly, it all happened too quickly to catch a picture.
  • I also saw a chain gang digging a ditch. Yes, we have sunk to this. Quick hits about wolves and chain gang. John from Gustav\’s was right. Mt. St. Helens isn\’t that great.

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