Walkabout Day 15: Summary

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Today\’s adventure pretty much kept me in the Portland area. I had to do more laundry and do some shopping. Plus, I had to be in position to watch A & M get their balls handed to them by unranked Miami.

Quick Hits:

  • No pix today and no travel summaries.
  • My first stop in shopping was Belmont Station – Portland\’s premiere beer and wine store. A very friendly older woman (and by older I mean probably my age) helped me with my selections. I was looking for Bear Republic\’s Hop Rod Rye that I had had at Brouwer\’s in Seattle. I told her that I had become fond of rye beer since first trying them in Vermont. \”Where in Vermont?\” she asked. I told her of The Alchemist and she acknowledged that she thought that\’s what I was talking about. She had been there and loved it, which was cool. So I ended up with six 6-packs and six 22oz bottles, all for only $85. One of the good things about Oregon\’s is it has no sales tax. So, we visitors can spend and spend and not contribute to their socialist utopia.
  • After 15 days of suffering with my pants falling down (I forgot to bring a belt) I found myself near a Burlington Coat Factory. I know you wanted to know that.
  • Also in the area of the Burlington Coat Factory was an Old Chicago. For years we would go there after Wednesday night pickup. But it was bought up by the Greeks. So I had to stop by for the local brews, the Italian Nachos and the memories.
  • Interestingly, the \”Staff Choice\” at Old Chicago is Miller Lite. WHAT!?!?!? Well, I had to inquire and the Bartendrix told me they had to do that since they are a sponsor of the Beavers. (mark)
  • Just when I think that I might be prancing on the cusp of alcoholism, I see guys hanging out at the Old Chicago bar who are clearly regulars. Not that there\’s anything wrong with that, but it\’s 2:30 in the afternoon.
  • At this point, I guess I should have written a separate Old Chicago post, but fuck it.
  • This Jewish waitress (she\’s wearing a Star of David around her neck) keeps sneaking peaks at me while I keep sneaking peaks at her. So, is she thinking \”Wow, that guys is super cool/hot.\” Or \”Wow, that guy is really creeping me out with all that peek sneaking.\” If she is into me, what am I supposed to do? In the movies we would find a broom closet and bang the bejesus out of each other. Also, in the movies, she would be Scarlett Johannson and I would be Jude Law. Or maybe that Mac guy.

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