Walkabout Day 17: Summary

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The Hood River Comfort Suites is being renovated and this seems to have resulted in very poor internet connections — thus the late posts.

Day 17 took us out of Portland to the beautiful Oregon coast to the towns of Seaside and Cannon Beach. Afterward, we headed to Hood River to prepare for tomorrow\’s adventure.

Quick Hits
  • A woman at the office Vanessa was auditing suggest these two spot saying that Seaside had more things to do and Cannon Beach was prettier. Unfortunately we went to Seaside first, spent a good deal of time throwing on the beach and even ate. By the time we got to the far superior Cannon Beach, we barely had time for anything. And the restaurant/bar choice looked much more interesting.
  • While walking along the Cannon Beach beach toward the giant rock, we noticed a large group of people gathered around something. We wondered what it could be and speculated that it must be a washed up carcass of some sort: a giant jelly fish, a dolphin or even a manatee. As we got closer, we finally got a glimpse of what everyone was huddled around. It was a bride and a groom. So, indeed, there was a dead carcass on the beach that day — the dead carcass of freedom.
  • All the kids in Seaside were extremely tall. I guess they breed for beach volleyball out there.

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