Eating Oregon

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As promised here\’s a rundown of most of the places we ate in Oregon.

Vincente\’s Gourmet Pizza

This place was largely chosen by Vanessa for the giant V on the front door. Well, it worked out for us. This pizza was very good. We got two – one with meat and the other vegetarian. Unfortunately, their website is just a placeholder, as is my brain. So I am unable to properly describe what we had. I know one had lots of garlic and artichokes while the veggie was, I think, called the Crazy Greek had lots of olives, feta and whatnot. Both were very good. And, as with all places up there, the beer selection was great. I went with the Terminal Gravity IPA that I had had earlier in the week at Old Chicago.


1935 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland, OR


My last meal in Portland. Sniff. It was lunch and ordinarily on this trip I avoided burgers. But they had one with buffalo meat. So what is an adventurous gastronome to do? It was delicious. The meat did taste differently, and I would say it was better. It was perfectly topped with sweet grilled onions and a fine aged cheddar. This place reminded me a bit of The Libertine, only bigger and with maybe a slightly less tattooed crowded. And I mean less tattooed for Dallas, not Portland where everyone is required to have at least one sleeve.


2229 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland, OR

Three Rivers Grill

There are times in my life where I have to detach from myself, reflect upon what\’s happening and really let the greatness that is happening sink in. Lunch at Three Rivers Grill was just such a time.

This place, as is much of downtown Hood River, is located on a hill overlooking the Columbia River. We sat out on their deck where the temperature was a little chilly, though pleasant as long as we were in the sun. I had their adaptation of fish and chips – yet another panko encrusted version. And, once again it was implausible. Hey, the thesaurus gave that as a synonym for incredible and fantastic and I was tired of using those same words. After several glasses of a wonderful Pinot Noir from the O\’Reilly vineyard, we headed down to the river to fly kites.


601 Oak Street Hood River, OR 97058



Big Horse Brew Pub

An already full day of mountain biking, wine tasting, wine drinking and kite flying ended here, after a sizeable hike up its many stairs. With the Cowboy/Bears game just starting I ordered their IPA (of course) and their grilled snapper on Israeli couscous. The food was good, but nothing great. While the IPA was great, like all the beers up there.


115 State St. Hood River, OR


Rhymes with boogers. Nuff said. I had some scallops in garlic butter. They were good, but not the greatness one would expect. For dessert we tried the marionberry cobbler. The berry part was great, but the cobbler was more of an oatmeal topping – not the topping I was expecting. The place also gave off the vibe of a diner. And most of the patrons seemed to be opting for something fried. But I guess the biggest reason for the poor rating is that I wasted a meal here that I could have had Cannon Beach.


Seaside, OR

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