Eating Dallas: Mia’s

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I have sufficiently recovered from Jason and Jennifer\’s wedding and associated drunkenness to resume my duties of complaining about everything. And where better to start than a Dallas institution – Mia\’s.

If you didn\’t know Mia\’s was a Dallas institution before you visited, you certainly would be notified of its status by all the autographed pictures of B and C list celebrities adorning the walls. There is also the legendary story of how Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson surreptitiously met here just before Jones bought the Cowboys.

So against this backdrop I should note that I have been here before. It was a good 10 years ago (well not all of those 10 years were good – more like 3 good 5 ok and 2 really bad years). My delicate palate may have not fully developed its delicateness. In fact, my only recollection of this place is thinking, \”What\’s so great about this place?\”

Jason and I went here to kill some time before the dreaded blissful event. (They\’re just jokes Jen. No one\’s getting hurt here). As usual, I ordered a TexMex combo platter that allows for the tasting of a variety of their offerings along with a side of guacamole.

First off, I want to praise the chips and salsa. The chips had a deep corn flavor that would startle the average Canadian Hot Jen. The salsa had a nice heat to it to go along with its flavourfulnessness. The guac was good but a bit too chunky. And by chunky, I mean there was almost a whole quarter of an avocado hidden within.

As with the great Original in Fort Worth, a taco and chalupa are brought out first. The taco was ok – only slightly better than what you might get at Bell or Cabana. The chalupa was very good. The beans had a smokiness that had me anticipating the main course\’s rice and beans.

Well, not so fast. The main course came out with one cheese enchilada in chili and one covered in queso – no rice, no beans. Huh?? To add insult the queso was clearly made from some kind of processed cheese loaf. How can any self respecting restaurant use that crap? Oh, and the enchiladas were average at best.

So, I must repeat, \”What\’s so great about this place?\” I\’m starting to think the average Highland Park denizen couldn\’t find a decent restaurant if it there was a map on the back of Paper City.

Yes, I know Mia\’s has specialties like the brisket enchiladas that I did not try. But I\’m looking for TexMex. I\’ll try the specialties later.




4322 Lemmon Ave | Dallas, Texas 75219


  1. Now I am very mad… You ordered wrong. The brisket tacos are some of the best things in the history of ever. Also, try the queso Chorizo. It will blow your GD doors off. Sunset fajitas are good, but if you like them, go on Tuesday for the rellenos. If you ever say something good about the tourist trap Joe T.\’s I will scoff at you.

  2. First, I am not a fan of Joe T\’s. So, how dare you! And I judge a TexMex by the basics. Primos was able to handle the basics and it got a good grade. There is no excuse for Velveeta.

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