HD-DVD Review: The Departed

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With my beloved TiVo going the way of the dot matrix printer I had to buy a new DVD player. It also had a DVD player if you gentlest of readers will recall. And, since this is the 21st Century it was time to go HD. I opted for HD-DVD over Blue Ray. I get the feeling that Blue Ray is the Beta of the 3rd Millennium.

My first HD-DVD from Netfilx was The Departed. Martin Scorsese decided to break with his usual genre of romantic musical comedy and tried his hand at a gangster movie. Ok, in reality he has broken from his usual Italian mobsters in New York City to Irish mobsters in Boston. Here the twist is that the Irish mob have a rat in the state police (Matt Damon) and the state police have a rat in the Irish mob (Leonardo DiCaprio).

First off I want to state that Scorsese is one of our greatest directors. He\’s directed several of my all time favorite movies – Goodfellas and Casino. And you know when I make these kinds of proclamations something bad is about to happen. So, I have to ask – What\’s so great about this movie? Now, it is a good movie, although a bit long. But Nicholson plays a slightly toned down version of The Joker while Walberg, Dicaprio and Damon spare us to death with over-the-top Boston accents. It was as if Scorsese was channeling the Coen Brothers ala Fargo. And then after dragging us around for two hours, the movie quickly resolves everything and ends.

  • 0 breasts
  • Multiple gunshots to the head
  • Fenway-fu
  • Lobster-fu
  • Academy Award Nomination to Alec Baldwin just for his work on 30 Rock


King Wally says check it out.

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  1. I like the Green Day song on the soundtrack, though. I played it on my iPod whenever I beat up a bunch of wops from Providence. It helps me keep my rhythm as I pound their heads into the countertop.

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