Beware the Pumpkin Pie

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While recovering from yet another drunken Saturday and preparing for what turned out to be a Cowboy asswhipping, I headed to the greatness of Whataburger for my usual hangover cure. As I have been instructed by the commercials on The Ticket, I added a fried pumpkin pie to my order. I ate my burger with the fury of someone who was really hungry and hungover. I then turned to the pumpkin pie, took a bite then threw it away.
I was suspicious of the pie to begin with. You can\’t fry a pumpkin pie. But it\’s Whataburger. They know what they\’re doing. But the pie tasted remarkably like soggy Applejacks. So consider yourself warned.

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  1. Should have read this before my breakfast trip for taquitos this morning. Also instructed by the Ticket, I ordered the pumpkin pie. It got me in the mood for Halloween, ( I\’m guessing that\’s why whataburger is trying this) I am just imaging that is what a decaying corpse in a pumpkin patch tastes like.Big Dave

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