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Washington Monthly\’s ranking of the National Universities:

1. Texas A&M University* (5)

2. University of California, Los Angeles* (4)

3. University of California, Berkeley* (2)

4. University of California, San Diego* (6)

5. Pennsylvania State University, University Park* (3)

6. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor* (18)

7. Cornell University (NY) (8)

8. University of California, Davis* (10)

9. Stanford University (CA) (7)

10. South Carolina State University* (9)

11. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign* (16)

12. Ohio State University, Columbus* (27)

13. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1)

14. University of Washington* (15)

15. University of California, Riverside* (22)

16. University of Virginia* (20)

17. University of Pennsylvania (30)

18. University of Wisconsin, Madison* (11)

19. University of Texas, Austin* (17)

20. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill* (32)


  1. Just an aside, but the rankings don\’t take into account the actual education!Service is important, research is great if you\’re looking for post-doc studies or a staff position, and social mobility is wonderful. But do they teach anything?

  2. Sorry, my bad… but when I saw UCSD and UC-Davis above Stanfor in any sort of college ranking, I had to find out what they were thinking.

  3. Well, to be honest, I\’m still scraping up bits of my jaw off the floor after seeing UC Riverside. I had no idea junior colleges were elegible.

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