Eating Lakewood: York Street

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Back in the early days of Thursday Night Liver Practice, we would gather on the patio of The Tipperary Inn and wonder what this little place across the street was. It was in a small old gas station. And we could not imagine the greatness that resides in this tiny package. Eventually I did make it over there.

Karen is over from that Germany and is trying to eat all her favorite places. Luckily I got invited to tag along for her York Street visit.

We started out with tuna tartar and raw oysters. I\’m not exactly a huge fan of row oysters. I\’ve only had one my entire life. But at places like this, I\’ll eat just about anything. The tartar was very good and fresh. With such a small portion split between 4 people, it was hard to figure out what exactly was in it. I\’m guessing raw tuna. Try to prove me wrong. The oyster was already dressed in a citrusy juice. It was almost like an oyster ceviche. So, despite my limited oyster experience, I\’ll give it a thumbs up.

For my main course I ordered the off menu item of Kobe Steak. And from my first bite all I wanted to do was yell at the top of my lungs, \”I love Colorado!\”* This is easily one of the finest dishes I\’ve ever shoved into my steakhole. It was heaven wrapped in nirvana and drizzled with an ecstasy beurre blanc. It rested atop a bed of stuff I have no idea what it was. But I ate every bite since I did not want to waste a single molecule of this delight.

For dessert, I had the lemon buckle with huckleberry sorbet. Yeah, it sounded a little frilly. And I may have to start looking for a condo off of Oak Lawn. But this too was over-the-top greatness.

In conclusion, mmmmmm mmmmmm good.


6047 Lewis Dallas, TX 75206

*Anyone get this joke??


  1. I\’m guessing the steak was injected with massive chocolate flavor against it\’s will?Big Dave

  2. You liked the Kobe Steak as much as Kobe Bryant liked the piece of steak he notoriously acquired in Colorado.

  3. i wanted to go there while i was home in may. maybe in dec\’s not kobe\’s fault the love contract came out after he ordered special* room service.* it\’s special bc it comes in through the back door.

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