Eating Plano: Naan

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For the fourth time in less than 2 weeks I found myself eating sushi. Not that I\’m complaining. After all, I\’m not much of a complainer.

Naan is an fancy-ish Korean restaurant in the Shops at Legacy sector of the northern gulag known as Plano. If it were in Uptown, it would no doubt be packed on a Tuesday night. But it\’s the northern burbs and Dancing with the Stars was on.

Since this is my first visit, I stuck with the semi-basics, tuna and salmon sashimi and two of their specialties. Their specialties are similar to a couple of the specialties at Blue Fish. So it is with Blue Fish, and not Piranha with which I will compare.

The sashimi was easily some of the freshest; tastiest I\’ve had probably since Seattle. The only downside was that there was no white tune.

As for the specialty items – ahi tower and volcano roll – these were also quite good. I love the volcano roll at Blue Fish — I\’m a sucker for scallops. But despite the lack of scallops (there\’s crawfish and other goodies instead) it more than makes up for it with heat and tremendous flavor. I could not stop picking at it until the dish was empty. The ahi tower was also very good, but BF does a slightly better job.

Additionally, I was served a very good unfiltered sake. It was not slightly drier but more complex and flavorful than I\’m used to with a nagori.

So, if you find yourself trapped up in the far reaches of Plano and you have to eat something up here, skip the dreadful Mi Cocina and head straight to Naan. And be sure to try the nagori.


7161 Bishop Road Plano, TX 75024

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