Eating Dallas: Morton\’s The Steakhouse

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I\’m not going to lie to you. I like meat. And there is no finer form of meat than prime aged beef served at a premium steakhouse. And if my first experience at Morton\’s is any indication, this may be the top of the top of the top.
The original plan was to swing by Morton\’s before a Stars game for drinks. Well, I thought, if we\’re here for drinks (I had my customary Bombay Saphire Martini which was perfect) then we should also have some appetizers. Crabcakes (of course) and tuna tar-tar were ordered. Prime rib finger sandwiches were also served as part of Morton\’s happy hour. The crabcakes were nearly 100% crab — and big chunks of crab at that. And, while I would say they were very good, they were not quite up to the level of III Forks or it\’s sister, Silver Fox. The tuna tar-tar, on the other hand was fantastic. It was presented on a tower of tangy tomatoes and avacado. The prime rib sandwiches were also very good and made me want to return for an after game meat snack.
And that is exactly what we did. Following the Stars game, the Lovely Lidia and I returned to Mortons and split a porterhouse steak, potatoes lyonnaise and grilled asparagus. The aparagus was perfectly grilled with a perfect addition of a balsamic reduction. The potatoes were just about the best I\’ve ever had. Potatoes, bacon and onions — could there be a more perfect \”vegitable\” dish. But these are just sides and thus barely count.

The steak,

The strip side was flavorful, tender and even borderline buttery in tecture. The filet side melted in my mouth like a Listerine Breath strip. (I am a wordsmith, kneal before me). And Alex assures me the bone part was a delight.

If you\’re like me and enjoy good food — Morton\’s is for you.


501 Elm St Dallas, TX 75202

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