DVD Review: Futurama the Movie: Bender\’s Big Score

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Like The Family Guy before it, canceled Fox cartoon Futurama has been resurrected — this time in a series of DVDs that will eventually been shown episodically on Comedy Central.

Unfortunately this story is a complicated time travel tale with everyman hero Fry going, once again, back to that fate New Years Eve 1999 day when he fell into the cryogenic chamber. So I won\’t be describing it. The other part of the story involves a race of Internet scammers that takes over the Earth and how the gang gets the Earth back. Ooops, hope that wasn\’t a spoiler.

Personally, I was entertained. Futurama is heavy on Dennis Miller Factor Funny (Dennis Miller Factor: The humor in a joke is inversely proportional to the number of people that get the joke. Only one person gets a joke, it is infinitely funny to that person.) There were many \”Hmmph, that was funny\” moments, but few out load laughs.

A- For Futurama Fans

B- All others.

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