More Acorns for the Rest of Them

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I\’m sitting on my couch, finishing up a technical quiz from a prospective employer, when I hear — BOOM!!! And just as quickly all the lights, radio, WiFi network, heat, everything went out. On this dreary, cold day, my house went dark and silent. Clearly a transformer in my alley and exploded rendering my block as powerless as my ability to come up with a fitting metaphor.
Well, this was as good a time as any to head up to Bally\’s and work out. So I showered in the dark and headed out. And there, lying in my alley, was the very 3 dimensional squirrel that caused all this. I did the electroshock math, figuring that most of the dead squirrels in my alleyway are very 2-D.
When I got back, not only had the lights come back on, but the sad remains of the perpetrator were taken away. That TXU Energy is a full service power company.
BTW. This is not a picture of the squirrel. Since he was taken away before I got back I was unable to take a picture. This was just one of many picutres of dead squirrels I found on the internet. Good Times.

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