Diving Dallas: The Dallasite

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I\’ve been trying to figure out what to say about The Dallasite Club. On the one hand it is an old school bar serving average American beer and average American greasy bar food. But the place was way too bright and too loud. But this is just not someplace I would want to go in my twilight years (watch it!!) to drown away my last few memories Alzheimers has left me with.

On the plus side, at least on the night I went, it had quite a few attractive women (probably nurses from nearby Baylor). So, if you\’re into that sort of thing, you might like it. But, seriously, there should be no attractive women in a dive bar. I don\’t make the rules.


3239 Ross Ave. Dallas, Texas 75204


  1. You have nothing to say regarding the \”cleanest bathrooms in Dallas.\” I will admit the Dallasite wierds me out, but I still kind of like it. It is never very crowded and there are always some wierd regulars. Both are requirements in my mind of a dive bar.

  2. Well, I try to stay out of all bar bathrooms, especially dive bars. I probably should have given it an I since it\’s moving soon. It was just way too bright for a dive. But for a bar, it would get a better grade than C. It did have an intersting vibe to it.

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