Stuff I\’ve Been Too Lazy to Write A Full Review About

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Admitedly my post have been very sporadic the last few months. And a few items have slipped through the cracks. As always, I\’ll try to do better in the future.

Capitol Pub
It\’s in a great location with lots of parking, which is a plus for that area. Otherwise I just don\’t see what\’s so great about it. I need to go back and try something else on the menu. But what I had, scallop fritters, were bad. The usual supects on tap. Christ Dallas needs a bar that has something interesting and different on tap.
2401 Henderson Dallas Tx

Walking into this place is like walking into many of the little grocery/delis back up in Jersey. This place gets an A just for it\’s smell. Fantastic sangwiches. So great I even went back today for their Cuban.
4901 Bryan, Dallas TX

I Am Legend
Does any Charlton Heston movie need to be remade? Did we learn nothing from the whole Planet of the Apes fiasco? Well, this is what I thought before seeing it. But this turned out to be a pretty good movie. More Castaway than Omega Man in many respects.


  1. Well, I thought I Am Legend was crappy and the steak sandwich at the Capitol is great. I agree on Jimmy\’s except it reminds me of South Philadelphia. Good luck with the insurance.

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