Job Interview: Data Reference

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This morning I had to get up at a decent time for a 8:45 phone interview for a job at Data Reference located Hillcrest and the tollway. The phoner went well so a face-to-face interview was scheduled for the afternoon. So, I suited up and headed for my first dreaded interview.
This was my first job interview in over a decade. Just before the holidays I canceled an face-to-facer with a company in Las Colinas. It didn\’t sound like my kind of job, and I just wasn\’t psyched, so I canceled. In retrospect it might have been nice to practice.
I think the interview went well. For the most part I answered all the important questions correctly. Although at one point, on a fairly tricky question, sweat started to form on my forehead.
I guess I know why I haven\’t been on a World Poker Tour final table now.

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