Let the Panic Begin

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Well I guess the guys at Data Reference didn\’t like the cut of my jib. Which is a shame since I just spent a small fortune on jiboplasty. Coupled with the silence from a pre-holiday phoner with a company in Portland, the King\’s self esteem is at a 52-week low. Well, probably more like a 26 week low.
Perhaps it was foolish to wait until the money started to run out to start actively looking for employment. Or maybe this is just another way the universe is telling me to not get back into programming and to open up Wally\’s as soon as possible.

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  1. So, \’sit at a desk and wish you were doing something else\’ and \’open the potentially best bar in Dallas\’ are your options?I\’m sitting at a desk right now, and wishing I was drinking.What\’s the dilema???? We need the Wallagio With Liquor License!

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