Dallas Declared Crime Free Paradise

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Yes. You read it here first. There is no longer any crime in Dallas — well, apparently, except for riding your bike around White Rock Lake without a helmet. The Commissioner, The #1 cop, Chief Kunkle has decided that the best way to solve our city\’s outrageous crime rate is to harass the law abiding tax payers that want to ride their bikes around lake without a helmet by handing out chickshit tickets. Now, it\’s perfectly legal to ride a motorcycle around the lake without a helmet. But the city thinks it knows better than the state and passed a stupid law in the mid 90s requiring helmets for bicyclists.

And if you\’re thinking \”Well, Steve\’s just angry because he got a ticket.\” I say nay and good day to you. I did not get a ticket. A jogger passed me and advised me that the cop ahead was handing out tickets to cyclists sans helmet. So, instead of biking 28 miles I took a quick left up Fisher and went home for only an 8 mile ride. Now what was more healthy for me — a 28 mile ride without a helmet or sitting at home watching Oprah and eating Banana Pudding Blue Bell right out of the carton since this is the only real alternative?

What\’s triple infuriating about this is that just minutes before there was a dumbass driving his car in the jogger/biker lane. Where was the officer to ticket this moron?? Well, he was handing out chickshit tickets to people who could only harm themselves.

Here\’s a good website that I think has the facts because their facts agree with my position.

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