Drinking Dallas: The Amsterdam Bar

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As part of our adventure to open the best dang bar in Dallas, The Jester and I have a weekly business meeting at a bar neither of us has ever been to. This week\’s candidate was The Amsterdam Bar.

Located just a fried tiramisu\’s throw from Fair Park (ooh that sounds really good), The Amsterdam is one of many hipster hangouts in the area. It distinguishes itself by having an interesting array of beers on tap. I was as delighted to see beers on tap I had never seen before (like almost everywhere I went in Seattle) along with my beloved Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA. $3 pints on Tuesday and Hop Head Thursdays are among there specials.

I didn\’t get to eat anything so I can\’t comment on the food. And the place is very smokey. Why do hipsters smoke so much?

One of the more interesting sites was a couple of 20-somethings drinking a Maredsous and doing a crossword together. I thought that was really cool and I wanted to kill both of them. That\’s just the dichotomy that is The King.

It\’s very smokey and a bit out of the way. Otherwise this place would have gotten an A.


831 Exposition Ave. Dallas, TX


  1. I can\’t believe you\’ve never been to Amsterdam! That was one of my places! I played chess there while drinking a Guinness. I journaled while drinking a irish coffee. (are you surprised – you knew i was a hipster in the making – and i DID used to smoke in dallas, but not now, in the clean granolaness of seattle) And the Amsterdam is truly one of the only bars in Dallas with a good beer selection. Totally worth the drive – and it\’s just as far as any joint in Uptown (which prides itself to have freakin\’ Heinekein on the menu! Blech!)

  2. Yeah. I suck. I\’ve been meaning to go here for years. I did like it. But I\’m a sucker for beer. Or did you already know that?

  3. Good lord, man. Please let me know when you want to scout out a good beer spot, and I\’ll make sure it happens much, much sooner than the half-decade it takes you to build up speed.

  4. Again, I think it\’s awesome that you claim to be a sucker for beer yet haven\’t taken me up on multiple offers of free places to stay & free german/belgian beer. You should just admit that you\’re a sucker for beer — in Dallas.

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