King Wally\’s Amazing Technicolor Ankle

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What a shitty week.
Tuesday morning I woke up with the flu. For much of Wednesday and Thursday all I would do is sleep, wake up, take another shot of NyQuil and go back to sleep. Finally I started to feel good on Friday. So good, in fact, I finally got around to bottling my second batch of brew.
But then on Saturday — yet another Winter League Saturday where we had only one sub thanks to the huge lack of commitment from one of our captains — in the middle of our second game I actually ran. And I was punished handsomely for my showing of effort and hit a horse divot and rolled my left ankle all the way.
After pounding the ground repeatedly and spouting more \”Fucks!\” since playing on Kip\’s Winter League team, I limped off the field to polite applause.
I probably did more damage by hanging out at the fields until 10pm. But, hey, I was having fun.


  1. I\’ve got your back, King Wally — I\’m teaching everyone I know what \”pulling a trent\” means on road trips.

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