Drinking Dallas: Black Friar Pub

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From the folks that brought us The Old Monk and The Idle Rich comes this new bar — Black Friar Pub. It\’s only been open a few days so the first impression may not be fair. It\’s not as hip as the Monk or \”cool\” as the Rich. Although it is \”warmer\” than both. The food menu is similar to the Monk and the beer menu is almost identical.

Since it is so similar to the Monk, I went and tried me some of their Fish and Chips. And boy was I disappointed. They were flavorless and bland. The batter is \”flavored\” with Smithwicks. I think they should reconsider this and just do whatever they do at the Monk. The chips were good, though.

I did like the feel of the place — lots of warm wood and cozy nooks. And they at least try to have a good beer menu — albeit mostly imports. So for that I\’ll give it a good grade.


2621 McKinney Ave. Dallas, TX

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