Ankle Update: Week 2

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  1. Good Gawd, Man! That is hella crazy! I\’m so proud of you and your injury. Not that I ever wanted you to be hurt (would never wish it on my second worst enemy) but if you\’re going to do it, you gotta go strong. And sir, this is some strong work. The swelling! the bruising! The general knarliness. Muy impressivo! And I do indeed hope you went to the doc to ensure no breakage occured.

  2. Is it just me or are the pictures getting worse? How is that your toes are so bruised. Ugh. I hope you\’ve had pictures taken of that thing to check it out!

  3. my toes are really bruised. that\’s the dead blood from the initial sprain that has pooled in my toes. i hope you weren\’t eating when you read this.

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