Adventures In Drivers License Renewal

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I so seldom look at my drivers license that I didn\’t realize until the other day that it was time to renew the thing. As you can see, the picture on my current license is not of me, but of my creepy molestor twin brother that I seldom talk about. Usually I just renew online. I\’m an online guy and do virtually everything I can online. But I wanted to update the picture, so I headed down the the DPS today.
The first exciting thing was it started to hail as I was leaving my house. Thinking better of it, I headed back home to wait out the hail.
I eventually made it to the DPS closest to my house — Jupiter and NWHWY — and was handed a ticket. It said \”A048 — wait 9 minutes\”. Really?? 9 minutes??? cause the magic voice telling me who is being served next is at A150 and the nice lady who handed me the ticket said it will wrap around at A199.
I foolishly waited around until A165 — which took 30 minutes btw — and gave up. Fuckit! I\’ll just renew online and keep my creepy Dateline NBC worthy picture.
Well, my license has now officially expired, so I can\’t do it online. So tomorrow or the next day I may head up to a less busy DPS station in the northern burbs and renew my license.
Good Times.

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  1. That DPS station is the worst! I\’ve waited for over an hour there before to get my picture taken. And of course I got the lady that refused to show me and retake my picture. Hence, my most unfortunate license picture.

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