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We had and unusually beautiful February weekend.  And not wanting to waste it, I went and took a nice ride around the lake.   The problem is, lots of people felt the same way.  Since I use the almost every week, throughout the year — often several times a week — I have a unfounded sense of lake entitlement.   

I\’m not proud of this, but dammit, it\’s my lake. 
And I hate it when other people descend on my lake on nice days and screw up my bike ride.  
To the dude riding around the two abreast with his girlfriend 1) How do you even keep your bike up going this slowly and 2) Don\’t give me the fucking stink-eye when I pass you.
And to the lesbian couple with multiple dogs — do you really have to stop in the middle of the bridge by the spillway to talk to the other lesbian couple with multiple dogs??  You had stuff left to talk about after the Hillary/NARAL rally???
To the hot girl jogging around the lake, if you don\’t want me to stare at those lovelies, put a tshirt over that sportsbra.  And I don\’t the the stinkeye from you either.

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