So It\’s Come To This

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No, not a Simpson\’s clip show.
After dragging my feet and feeling like less than a man (as if I\’m even half a man to begin with), I finally filed for unemployment online. For the past two months I was sure that I would be getting a job \”any day now\”. Well, that didn\’t exactly happen. Admittedly, I haven\’t exactly been beating down every door for a job. Shit, I barely make it out of bed most days. So I\’m now a deadbeat and this pretty much confirms that I will be voting for Obama since I\’m now in the Democratic constituency.


  1. Too bad you don\’t live in the Vaterland — you get 2 years of unemployment here. Plus they pay your rent, cell phone bill, internet, and give you money for a vacation each year. I sh!t you not.

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