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The latest list (a terrible, all-over-the-place list, btw) from List Universe has me coming up with my own list of my favorite beers.

  1. Maredsous 10 – great flavor, great color, great punch. As far as I know, it can only be had on tap at Gezellig.
  2. Hairy Eyeball – this seasonal from Lagunitas opened up my beer world, a sentimental favorite.
  3. Terminal Gravity IPA – became my favorite of the Oregon IPAs. I\’m all out. sniff
  4. Hop Rod Rye – My favorite beer from my walkabout. Available locally at Whole Foods.
  5. Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA – finishes ahead of 90 just cause I can drink more of it at a sitting.
  6. Maredsous 8 – I know there are better Belgian beers. But this is the one I drink the most.
  7. Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA – Hoppy + High ABV = crazy shenanigans
  8. Yuengling Lager – America\’s best American beer. A must drink when I go back to Jersey.
  9. Franziskaner Hefe – my favorite Hefe. Paulaner and Hoegaarden just don\’t do much for me.
  10. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale – America\’s best generally available beer. A near perfect balance of hoppiness and maltiness.

And my bottom 5 (Not including AYBs)

  1. Stella Artois – sorry Meesh
  2. Heineken – ugh. really??
  3. Corona – Spanish for burro piss.
  4. Fat Tire – drank so much of it before I developed my taste for hops, it no longer does much for me. Not a bad beer, just one I generally turn my beer snob nose up at.
  5. Schmitz Gay – tastes too much like a strawberry daiquiri and Clorox.


  1. How can you not like Schmitz Gay?!?My Top 5:5. Schöffhofer Hefeweizen — When you fly into Frankfurt, make sure to grab several.4. Both beers from the micro brewery at the Prague castle — so good they must remain nameless3. Guinness at \”The Temple\” in Dublin — Lives up to the hype. Ignore the rather scary regulars.2. Unfiltered, unpastuerized Pilsner Urquell — I\’d sell your mother for another.1. Free Beer — It\’s less filling AND it tastes great!

  2. I feel like I have just been shamed since two of my all-time favorites made your bottom five.Although, I noticed Miller Lite didn\’t make that list so I will no longer be embarassed to drink that at the fields.

  3. Miller Lite is an AYB (American yellow beer) and thus does not count in these rankings. And, except for Fat Tire (which has just played out for me) the other beer making the bottom 5 are there because more of who drinks them. They are largely bland imports drunk by the striped shirt crowd.

  4. never you worry…since departing the lands of texas, i no longer need stella. i no longer want it. there are sooo many better beers to choose from. a local fave – manny\’s. yum yum yummikuns.

  5. What about negra modelo? It might be a case of \”absence makes the liver grow fonder\” but i would drink a case of it, anytime (now!), anywhere (unfortunately, not in the vaterland).

  6. You may notice the list is heavily biased towards ales. I\’m not much of a lager guy. And I pretty much only drink Mexican beer at Mexican restaurants.

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