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This article from The St. Petersburg Times list the an 80s rich list of the top 20 movie nerds. Enjoy.

20. ILAN MITCHELL-SMITH: Shortest nerd career in history. After playing \”Wyatt Donnelly\” in \”Weird Science, Mitchell-Smith is now a professor of English at Angelo State University.
19. TIMOTHY BUSFIELD: Yes, that\’s Busfield as \”Arnold Poindexter\” in \”Revenge of the Nerds.\” Bonus points for being whiney yuppie in \”thirtysomething.\”
18. SARAH JESSICA PARKER: \”Rusty\” in \”Footloose\” got her nerd start on TV\’s Square Pegs.
17. CRISPIN GLOVER: Hello? Hello? \”George McFly\” in \”Back to the Future.\”
16. PATRICK DEMPSEY: Long before he was \”McMuffin\” or whatever the hell women call him now, he was \”Ronald Miller\” in \”Can\’t Buy Me Love.\”
15. GABE JARRET: Don\’t even tell me he was acting when he played \”Mitch\” in \”Real Genius.\”
14. JOHN CUSACK: \”Bryce\” in \”Sixteen Candles\” but also nerd-like roles in \”Better Off Dead,\” \”Hot Pursuit\” and \”One Crazy Summer.\”
13. JOAN CUSACK: Her character in \”Sixteen Candles\” is known simply as \”Geek Girl #1.\”
12. MARTIN SHORT: If there was a nerdy amigo among the \”Three Amigos,\” it was Short, who also geeked out for \”Inner Space.\”
11. JOHN CRYER: Debate all you want if Duckie was a nerd in \”Pretty in Pink.\” But then consider \”Morgan Stewart\’s Coming Home\” and \”Hiding Out.\”
10. ANDREW McCARTHY: He\’s a \”sensitive turd\” in \”Class.\” And he\’s stuck wearing a wig in the final, re-shot scene of \”Pretty in Pink.\” And don\’t get me started again about \”Mannequin.\”
9. BRIAN BACKER: \”Rat\” in \”Fast Times at Ridgemont High.\” (Loved the Popeye t-shirt.)
8. HAROLD RAMIS: Big-time geek roles in \”Ghostbusters,\” \”Stripes,\” \”Baby Boom\” and \”Stealing Home.\”
7. COREY HAIM: Everybody in \”Lucas\” deserves an honorable mention on this list. 6. GEDDE WATANABE: Long Duk Dong. Need I say more? OK, \”Volunteers\” and \”Gung Ho.\”
5. ROBERT CARRADINE: Possibly one of the single-greatest nerd performances of all time as \”Louis Skolnick\” in \”Revenge of the Nerds.\” But also his only nerd role. And it\’s watered down by his tough-guy turn in \”Big Red One.\”
4. ANTHONY MICHAEL HALL: Farmer Ted still ends up with the hot girl in \”Sixteen Candles\” and \”Weird Science.\” But in \”The Breakfast Club,\” he\’s the only one who doesn\’t hook up (and gets stuck writing the paper.)

3. PEE WEE HERMAN: He turned nerd-dom into a franchise.
2. RICK MORANIS: Three nearly impossible-to-equal
nerd movies: \”Ghostbusters,\” \”Little Shop of Horrors\” and \”Honey, I Shrunk the
Kids.\” Only his role in \”Streets of Fire\” keeps him out of the No. 1 spot.
1. CURTIS ARMSTRONG: \”Booger\” in \”Revenge of the Nerds\” was even better teamed with John Cusack in \”Better Off Dead.\” And don\’t forget his turn as \”Miles\” in \”Risky Business.\”

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