HD DVR Review: 300

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The great Sarah Silverman said of 300, \”It\’s called 300 because on a scale of 1 to 10 in gayness, it\’s 300.\” It\’s a pretty gay movie — lots of shirtless buff guys. Christ, even that sounded gay. But there are enough topless women in it to balance out to bi. Think of it as The Grapevine of Greek warrior movies.

For what this movie is, a comic book — oops sorry — graphic novel come to life, it\’s pretty good. Ignore the historical inaccuracies and enjoy it for what it is. The action sequences are great but occasionally long.

Visually, the movie is amazing. Only occasionally does it look overly CGIed. And this is really what the movie is all about — visuals. Do not see this movie in SD. If you have to, go to someone else\’s house and watch it in HD and crank up the 5.1.

  • 18 breast
  • 10 beasts
  • Elephant fu
  • Rhino fu
  • mutant fu

Academy award nomination to Dominic West for his five years as McNulty on The Wire.

King Wally says check it out.


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