Movie Review: There Will Be Blood

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I have to admit it. I had no interest in this movie until I saw the sketch on SNL. If you haven\’t seen the sketch, here it is:

And if your interested in the source material, here that is:

There are a lot of things to say about this movie. I just wish I could form coherent thoughts about them. It was beautifully photographed. There that\’s something, right. And I\’m glad to see that Daniel Day Lewis has toned down his Bill The Butcher character.
But this picture left me with one very important question:


And why did they use the music from Lost? Seriously, I kept thinking the smokemonster was about to kill H.W.

In the final analysis this was a well crafted mess that, for the most part, kept me watching until the end. So I can\’t say it\’s bad. And I would, for the most part recommend it.

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Academy award nomination for, oh wait never mind.

King Wally says check it out.


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