Tour Dallas 2008

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Waiting for the rally to start outside the AAC.

Finally starting. Someone forgot to set up the route. That\’s right, the city of Dallas fucked soemthing up.

White people quickly pedalling out of Oak Cliff.

Bridge where several people fell.

Because I don\’t take enough pictures of White Rock Lake.

Tour Dallas was my first bike rally of 2008. While the tour itself is only 30 miles, I rode to and from the start/finish line, thus adding 10 more miles for a total of 41 miles. Yeah me.

The day was damn near perfect with no wind and temperatures in the 60s and lower 70s.

It is my hope that I can do at least 2 of these a month.

Next Scheduled Rally : Crusin\’ De Hood — Granbury, TX. Sign up and ride with me.

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  1. wait, Dallas actually enabled your hippie-biking biking parade of lameness? Just reading this made me feel un-American. I\’m going to go punch a homeless man to wash this stink of communism off me.

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