CD Review: Keep it Simple (Van Morrison)

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I\’ve review many things over the last 10 months (wow 10 months) — DVDs, restaurants, bars, movies in theaters and online. But I have yet to review a CD. And I meant (and even thought I had) to review this a month ago when this album came out. So this may not be quite a relevant as it would have been back then.

Also, my taste in music tends to be very narrowly eclectic. If that even makes any sense. And even if it doesn\’t make any sense, I\’m sticking with it because it sounds like something a blogger might say.

But life is busy these day. This work thing is for the birds. It\’s a good thing they pay me.

OK, on to the review.

So here goes.

The first CD review for The Summer of Steve.

Jesus Christ monkey balls, it\’s fucking Van Morrison. The album is great. Go buy it.


Thank you for your courage.

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