This Guy is Stealing my Jokes

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I could not believe what I was reading. Right there in the middle of the second paragraph of this review of the most recent episode of Lost, the reviewer used one of my patented jokes (don\’t forget, I am a patent holder).

Tonight though was a make-good: Pretty much all-Jack-all-the-time. On the island, Jack’s Inflamed Appendix (which was the name of my first college rock band, by the way)

Well, maybe he didn\’t steal it. After all, unless you\’re David Letterman, Gordon Keith or Adam Carolla, if you\’ve stolen from me you\’ve stolen twice.

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  1. I don\’t think I\’d be too proud of that one. I\’m pretty sure Michael Scott has used it on the Office, therefore it is only now funny if you are referencing that reference.That\’s what she said.

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