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Greatest Game Ever!

At least the greatest game I\’ve ever been witness to.
I try not to get too sporty on this blog. But when I see the most greatest game played in Dallas sports history along with two of the most amazing exhibitions of goal-tending in NHL history, I figure I should have a blurb about that in my blog.
For the uninitiated, the Stanley Cup playoffs are the greatest (there\’s that word again, for chrissake, someone buy me a thesaurus) sports spectacle our continent has to offer. And one of the things that makes them so great are the multi-overtime marathons.
The Stars and the Sharks essentially played 2+ games last night. Which begs the question \”How can soccer live with itself settling it\’s big championships with a shootout?\” Yes the game slowed down quite a bit. But the hockey game was settled like a hockey game and not a skills competition.
But I digress.
Then, just seconds after Brendan Morrow buried a Stefan Robidas pass into the Shark\’s net (ooh that sounded really sporty), we got to witness the another thing that makes the hockey playoffs so great — the handshake. How could you not be moved seeing Mike Modano and Jeremy Roenick\’s long touching embrace. Two of the US\’s greatest hockey players in one last battle.
I wish I had more say about this game that you couldn\’t find in the newspaper or other more sporty blogs. But, I guess, all I have left to say is that it was an amazingly intense experience that I plan on forming a religion around.

Watch the highlights from Canadian TV.

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