I Finally Have a Favorite FC Dallas Player

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Dominic Oduro.

And how did he earn the prestigious title of King Wally\’s favorite Hoop? (Is a single FC Dallas player even called a Hoop? and is it \’a\’ Hoop or \’an\’ Hoop?)

All you have to do is score Dallas\’ only two goals in a 2-1 come-from-behind (is there a better way?, yes working blue) in last Saturday\’s game against Real Salt Lake City (yes this posting is late. I\’ve had bloggers block and yes I did just get a fresh shipment of parentheses).

Even before his first goal I noticed him when he came in as a substitute with about 15-20 minutes left in the game. He had fresh legs and was incredibly fast. I thought if they could get it to him, he\’ll score.

Look at me. I\’ve seen one game live and I\’m a soccer savant.

To see his magic, click here.

And no, I could not name a single other FC Dallas player. Chad Deering? Tatu?

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