Our War on Illegals

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Today I experienced one of the things in our society that, for some reason, frustrates me more than it should. I had to prove I\’m a citizen.

For some reason, when I first started working for Beal, the contracting company I work through, did not ask for my \”proof of citizenship\” materials. Since I had worked for them before, I figured that stuff was already in their records. But, I guess, they realized their mistake today and pestered me about getting that stuff to them via the cutting edge technology of the fax.

Now, I have no quarrel about them needing to do this. It\’s the law and they have to do it. But here\’s the thing. What the fuck does this accomplish? Those genius in DC thought it would be a good idea to inconvenience every citizen in the attempt to prevent a relative handful of illegals from working here. And yes, it is an inconvenience. Believe it or not, I don\’t still have my Social Security card I received in the 7th grade.

But my even larger gripe is why do we as a society seemingly embrace bullshit that looks like we\’re solving a problem when in fact no problem is being solved. We all happily \”show our papers\” to secure our employment while our yards are mowed, houses built, food prepared by the vary people we\’re supposedly keeping from employment. We all happily remove our shoes at the airport to prevent the plane from assploding while nothing can be done to keep containers with dirty bombs out of our ports.

Let\’s take our country back, people.

Well, not you JT, since you fled to Euroland.

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