Detox Day 7

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One week down, two to go Mr. Cerf.

The one thing I most warmly remember and have been waiting for the most on detox is the vivid dreams. And last night I had a ton of dreams — assuming you can measure dreams by weight. It may be more like foot-REMs.

Well, anyways (annoying transition) the interesting part of last night\’s dreams is that I had several in which I ate something I can\’t on detox, remembered I couldn\’t eat it and stopped.

Weight Lost: 6lbs
Major Craving: Mexican Food. I almost cried when Glenn & Pokie texted me from Cuquitas.


  1. Who else but the Jester to test the resolve of the king?

  2. JT, if you\’ve not been to cuquita\’s, then, the next time you\’re here, we must go out one night, get extremely shitty and swing by just before 2am.And don\’t forget the elf shoes.

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