Eating Minneapolis: Kramarczuk\’s Sausage Co.and Deli

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I got a chance to explore my Polish heritage in of all places as the land of 10000 Lakes and Marge Gunderson. And good Christ was this good. It was all I could do to not load my tray up with all of the Eastern European treats this place has to offer. Hopefully I\’ll have to come back to Minneapolis soon. As it is, I ended up having pierogies, sauerkraut and a giant cabbage roll.

The cabbage roll was like a giant Polish Chipotle burrito. Perfectly wrapped on the outside and stuffed with rice and meat on the inside. It was incredible and I can\’t believe I ate the whole thing. It also came with sauerkraut with sausage chopped up inside — amazing. Best sauerkraut I\’ve ever had.

But it was those delicious pillows of deliciousness know as pierogies that made the meal. The mashed potatoes inside were clearly freshly made from scratch with chunks of potato inside. It was accompanied with a sour cream/ horseradish mixture. Incredible.

Please do not alert American Airlines about this since I will be boarding a plane tomorrow morning with a large quantity of gas more lethal than saran gas and anthrax combined.

215 East Hennepin Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55414



  1. I leave for the home of great beer and hot women and you stop blogging. I hope this isn\’t a side effect of Eastern European cuisine…

  2. Sorry. Much post detox drinking and hangovering has kept me away from the blog. Much apologizings.

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