Donuts. Nothing but Donuts.

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What does this say about me?

I\’m a sucker for food shows. And the Travel Channel has been showing their Food Paradise episodes in heavy rotation. So far I\’ve seen Barbecue Paradise (BTW who\’s up for a trip to Lockhart for three featured BBQ meccas?) , Hamburger Paradise, Deep-Fried Paradise, Pizza Paradise, Hot-Dog Paradise and Steak Paradise.

Of these episodes, I\’ve been to two \”Hamburger Paradises\” — White Castle and Bob\’s Big Boy — both national chains, one \”Hot dog Paradise\” — Nathan\’s, but not the one on Coney Island, one \”Pizza Paradise\” — Pizzaria Uno, but not the one in Chicago, and no BBQ, Deep-Fried or Steak \”Paradises\”. So, essentially the only ones I\’ve been to are the national or regional chains.

Except for donuts.

I\’m \”proud\” to say that I\’ve been to three purveyors of yummy fried frittery goodness.

Proof I\’ve been to Cafe Du Monde.

Raspberry Donut from Top Pot.

Bacon Maple Bar from Voodoo.

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