Today\’s Worst Person in the World

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Sometimes evil is genius and sometimes it\’s retarded. Today\’s worst person was just plain retarded.

I was driving to work today going eastbound in the center lane on Northwest Highway. Stopped several cars back from the stop light at Preston Road, I took another sip of my delicious frozen peach protein shake. The light turned green, but there was no forward motion. The light stayed green; still no motion. Finally some cars began to move. Then, I eventually made it to Preston and witnessed the abject stupidity of today\’s worst person.

This asshat, traveling south on Preston on the right lane had apparently thought she could make the red light. But at the last minute decided she couldn\’t. So there she was. Blocking the entire right eastbound lane of Northwest Highway.

Maam, I\’m sorry your mom smoked crack while you were in the womb. I truly am. And I\’m sure that being repeatedly dropped on your head as a baby, and probably still as an adult, has not helped.


You\’ve forfeited your right to continue on to your destination. You must now turn right and get the fuck out of the way of people with intact cerebrums (cerebra?). We are all going to work to pay the taxes that pay for your sippy-cups and adult diapers.

The Dumbass blocking Northwest Highway — Today\’s Worst Person In the Woooorrllllddd.

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