It Wasn\’t Just a Bad Day For Bennigan\’s

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There was sad news out of Lakewood. Kitchen 1924 has closed. Read about it here.

And somehow the horrible food produced by Sushi on McKinney has finally caught with them as they are closing soon as well.

All of this on news on the heals of a boarderline terrible experience at The Libertine last night. After the poor food, service and diminished beer selection we saw last night, can that place be open much longer?


  1. Does that mean the time is ripe for Wally\’s American?Or really should I just stop asking about it at this point?

  2. Chad,Wally\’s American is a myth, like the yeti, healthy relationships, or intelligent election decisions in America. We\’d all LIKE to believe in these, but we have to grow up at some point.

  3. When Wally\’s does open, sometime around 2258, both of you fuckers will have to pay for your own Soylent Pale Ale. No freebees for hatahs.

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