Eating Lake Highlands: Bonnie Ruth\’s Cafe and Catering

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I have to admit, this place looked a little frilly on the outside. I was afraid that I was going to be surrounded by members of The Greater Casa Linda Knitting Bee Brigade. My fears were quickly squelched and this place, simply put, was a delight.

The place is very small with only about 6-8 tables. But it has a full beer, wine and booze service. So what\’s not to like?

A small loaf of rosemary infused bread was presented as our meals were being prepared. On a slight down note, pre-packaged pats of butter were served with the bread — a minor annoyance. I would have expected some kind of specialty butter.

I ordered, and luckily was served, a grilled sirloin with Bearnaise along with mashed potatoes and balsamic-ed up green beans. The meat was perfectly cooked and tender and went perfectly with the Bearnaise. The mashed potatoes were tasty, but a bit runny. The beans were also very good with a nice balsamic twang.

Balsamic seems to be the signature flavor here as my dining companion had some creamy tomato fettuccine in which the fresh tomatoes were so infused with balsamic vinegar that the dish was to sour to be finished.

The place recovered nicely with a slice of fresh, moist carrot cake. This is probably my most favorite cake in the world and this was a good example of it. Although it did not quite reach the heights of the carrot cake at Truluck\’s.

Overall this is a nice neighborhood restaurant for when you want something good but not the same old thing.

1152 N. Buckner Blvd, Dallas, TX. 75218

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