Drinking Victory: The Boardroom

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The Jester recommended this place. He must have been drunk before he got here. First, it was way too expensive and high-toned for him. And second, there seemed little here to recommend.

But it did look like a place I might like.


Things went badly from the start when we had to wait a good bit of time on a mostly deserted patio before having our drink order taken. This was before a Stars home opener and OU/tu peprally at AT&T Plaza. So you think it would have been busier or at least better staffed. When my drink finally arrived there was something conspicuously missing from my Bombay Sapphire martini.

Please direct your attention to the Boardroom logo above. Do you see the olives in the logo? Well, they apparently only have olives in their logo, and not their drinks – or, at least, my drink. I asked our waitress for some olives and she came back with a glass of olives — three, no toothpicks. A few minutes later she returned and seeing only one olive left, took the glass and asked \”Are you done with this??\” I yelped \”NO!\” and took the glass from her.

For a quick pre-game appetizer we ordered their Corn Dog surf and turf. It was a \”gourmet\” corned dog and a tempura battered lobster. Kind of a cute idea. Too bad neither item had much flavor. I found it strange that this dish was served with two sauces in ramekins about the same size as the food items. But upon eating them, you needed a like-sized portion of sauce just to get some flavor.

I – Admittedly, not enough to make a true judgment. But they will have to ace the final to get a passing grade.

2990 Olive St Dallas, TX 75219

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  1. I can\’t believe you went and had the corndog surf and turf with out me! I enjoyed my visit there. Decent beer selection. Good TVs.

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