Eating Rehoboth: Dogfish Head Brew Pub

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Welcome to Mecca, have a beer.

And so I did. I had never seen the Shelter Pale Ale, and wanting to try something new, that\’s what I had.

Excellent. I hope this shows up in Dallas soon, because this will be my go-to beer. At least until I find my next go-to beer.

As for food, I ordered their crab and corn chowder for starters. Good christ was that good. Everything was fresh with a slight hint of bacon. I could have eaten a 55 gallon drum of this stuff.

For my main course I got a crab cake (of course) sandwich with onion rings. I gotta say, the onion rings were very disappointing. They were gigantic with what appeared to be some kinds of herbs in the breading. But they were saddly lacking in flavor. The sandwich was much better. The bun was toasted on a wood fire for a slight smokey flavor and the crab cake was much more deserving of an award that what I had the night before. But it still didn\’t rise to the level of crab cakes at III Forks.

This is a really cool place and I need to figure out how to get back to Rehoboth sometime before I die.


320 Rehoboth Avenue, Rehoboth Beach, DE, 19971


  1. Getting your text inspired me to check in on your blog. Holy shitskies – I was WAY behind. So many comments left unsaid. ANd I never told you about the amazing crab cakes I had in San Fran.Nevertheless, I will enjoy a Dogfish brew in your honor this week! Yay for walkabouts. Come back to the NW! Oh, and can give you recos for cities you may/may not be visiting. Holla!

  2. YAY! Meesh is back!I do plan to come back up some time soon and Seattle will once again be a major destination for Walkabout 2009.

  3. The worst part for me is that I lived less than an hour from rehoboth and never got to The Dogfish Head Pub. Crabcakes aren\’t really popular there. Mostly the teamed crabs, and softshell crab sandwiches. God, I miss good seafood.

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