Eating Rehoboth: Jake\’s Seafood House

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I really need to start going with my instincts. I knew the market was going to crash a few months ago and did nothing. And I got the vibe that this place was a played out tourist restaurant, but went anyway.

It all had to do with the crab cakes. Once again I was seduced by the painted lips and perfumed inner thigh of crab cakes. And these were supposed to be \”award winning\”. Well, they will not be receiving the King Wally Hops Cluster of Excellence.

But let\’s begin at the beginning.

The menu implored me to ask my waitperson about the beers they have on tap. And this is the hometown of the Dogfish Head Brew Pub. So good beer should be in the offing. So, here is their list of draft beer:

But they do have bottled beer. And all of it was crappy American Yellow beer.

For starters I got a cup of their seafood bisque. While, to me, this was more of a chowder that\’s been hit with a stick blender more than a bisque, it was still very tasty. So far so good. Next came my grilled seafood sampler with their signature crab cake.

Many places proudly proclaim that there is only crab in their crab cake. Some how by avoiding other flavoring agents like aromatics and herbs you get a purer cake. And to that I say \”Good day!\” These were almost exclusively crab and almost exclusively bland — not bad, just semi-flavorless.

The rest of the meal was little better. This was a meal from a restaurant that has lost their passion for seafood. The shrimp was rubbery and the scallops were only slightly better. The flounder was good (not great) light and flaky.

Another high note were their mashed potatoes. These were excellent.

So I was a little sad by this so I headed over to the Kohr Brothers for a frozen custard to drown my sorrows. That at least was fantastic.

29 Baltimore Avenue Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

Kohr Brothers

Multiple Locations Along the Atlantic Coast

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