Walkabout 2008: Day 2 — Virginia is for Fuckheads

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One of the things I\’ve learned in my travels the past two years is that each state has a unique driving culture. Some states are better drivers than others.

Virginia has the worst drivers in America.

What makes it so bad. Their unique driving rule in which the slowest traffic must drive in the center lane so that passing my be done on the left and right. In fact if you dare to go only 10 mph over the limit in the right (traditional slow lane) you will get run up on. At 6am in the morning after not sleeping, this was very frazzling.

But eventually I survived and made it to Washington DC. And while this is a much prettier city than I had expected, it is THE WORST CITY IN AMERICA.

Well, I guess Detroit and Cleveland have something to say about it. And much of my opinion is tainted with lack of sleep. But this place is crazy.

First you have all the Virgina drivers. Add to that very poor street signage and stop lights that are placed in such a manner that they kinda blend in with the background. So a few times I was right up on a red light when I realized, \”Oh, I should probably stop.\”

I had intended to hang out in DC and see all the things I\’ve never seen that any good American should see. But after getting stuck on the parkway and then confused and frustrated by the mall area, I decided \”Fuck it, let\’s just go to Delaware.\”

And after just one day in Delaware, I have declared it \”King Wally\’s First Runnerup for East Coast States.\” — Vermont is #1 and I\’ve not yet been to Maine or New Hampshire. So the standing may change in the next few days.

Cool foggy pix on the DC Parkway.

Hallowed Ground: The Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton, DE.

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