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But I\’ve had some serious laying around doing nothing time. So I\’ve obviously had little time to post about my Pittsburgh grub crawl or my trip down the Hershey Highway.

But I had an odd dream that I wanted to share in the interim.

So I spent much of this weekend watching the Saw movies. Don\’t ask me why. Well, OK, you can ask me why, but I probably won\’t have a good answer. However, they were a lot better than I thought they would be.

And, as one would expect, my dreams were effected. Indeed I had what I would consider a nightmare. It felt so real I was relieved when I awoke this morning to find that it was only a dream.

In this dream/nightmare I had hired some people to replace the wood (OK laminate) floors in my living room with some cheap Berber carpet. I\’m not sure why I did this, but I do know that I was very upset that I did it. I don\’t own a vacuum cleaner and with Alex shedding constantly I was going to have to buy one.

So you can imagine how relieved I was when I woke up and had wood. Floors that is.

Sorry. Went for the cheap joke.
Please feel free to analyze my dream. And try to work in Jung.

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