Walkabout 2008: Day 11 — The Pittsburgh Grub Crawl

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Matt had been promising a great grub crawl in Pittsuburgh, and he delivered.

Penn Brewery
Cool little place. I had there Oktoberfest and their Dark — both very good.

Strip District
No titties bar like I expected. Just a lot of good food. It was very reminiscent of Pike Street Market in Seattle. We had the best sfogliatelle I\’ve ever had there and a very good pepperoni roll.

Church Brew Works
Another brew pub and a place I had seen mentioned on several foodie shows. So I was very excited to finally see it.
Why can\’t Dallas be like this. Thanks TABC.
We had the pierogi pizza and I drank their Pale Ale (it was ok) and their Mole Porter. Wow did that thing have a spicy kick. Very good. Here

Coal Hill Steakhouse at the Grandview Saloon
Here is where most of the great pictures of Pittsburgh were taken. High atop Mt. Washington, Coal Hill Steakhouse has an amazing view of the city. We didn\’t eat here, but I did have a couple of Yuenglings.

Gandy Dancer
Cool bar inside Pittsburgh\’s old train station. We tried their crab cake (pictured, good) and had a beer which by this time I\’m not sure what I drank.

The diviest of divebars. Here\’s where the Curry boys did much of their underage drinking. Watched an entire episode of Family Guy here and drank another Yuengling.

Smokin\’ Joe\’s
This place was touted to have great chicken wings. They were good. But I\’m not sure they were the best. But, to be fair, I was in no way hungry by this time. This was yet another bar with an amazing selection of beers. I had something hoppy, but, again, I\’m not sure what.

Fat Heads
Home of the South Sides Slopes \”Headwich\”. This masterpiece has sauteed pierogis, kielbasa, grilled onions, cheese and horsey sauce. My greatest regret is that I was not hungry even a little bit to properly enjoy it. I guess I\’ll have to go back.

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